Monday, February 27, 2012

Rolling Jen Doodles

So as part of many New Year resolutions that never happened, I decided to try and get into shape in 2012. These are my current "Fast Breaks" that a site I joined allowed me to choose. I'm supposed to do them every single day for a few weeks. So far so good!

1) Drink at least eight 8 oz. cups of water

2) Play an active video game

3) Listen to a "get up and go!" song

The makeshift rug in my bedroom gets all displaced and crumpled while I'm playing Just Dance 3. Instead of shaking, I'm usually wiggling in my computer chair to music because I'm too hyped up on workout energy. So crazy.

Oh and I got a haircut. It had been over eight months since the last time I chopped my hair off. It's much more refreshing now~

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